Help Paper

There are many people who are interested in taking charge of their finances who just don’t know where to start.

Normally, deciding that you want to do something about your finances AND FOLLOWING THROUGH on that decision by finding someone to help you is a good start. But it can be intimidating. I know that it can feel intimidating to think about becoming financially naked in front of a relative stranger. What can also be intimidating is being presented with a document which may seem like a request for every financial document you have ever seen (and not seen) since your birth and wondering where on earth to begin. Many clients “give up” in the face of these requests for data as they seem like too much hard work or are too complicated.

Getting organised

Sometimes one of the first meetings I have with a client is just a meeting to get financially organised. We the client’s packet or pile of documents, papers, statements, accounts, invoices, tax returns, unopened envelopes, scribbled notes and possibly irrelevant material (bring that too – you never know if it may be important) and we organise it, digitise it, and arrange it and file it.

We see what there is and what is missing and then put in place a plan to source the missing material so that we can have a complete picture of the client’s financial position.

Getting going

Once we have got the important aspects of a client’s financial life identified, taking the next step in putting a sensible financial plan in place comes naturally and the client, having taken the hard first step to get organised and to understand their current financial position, can get going with confidence that they have taken the first step.


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